Your CVforLife Journey 


You will receive our engagement pack from Symone on receipt of payment. The information in this pack will help you to start this all-important journey. We also require you to send back critical information to ensure that we are able to start on your draft CV.

You will also need to download the expertise form and provide six expertise that match your experience.  This together with your Guildines must be sent back to our Operations Assistant. 

Our operations assistant will then be in contact with you to arrange photos. She will also send you a guideline document on what to wear. 


Once we have received the expertise list and any other documents with your completed guidelines form we can then draft a CV in a review format with additional questions. This draft will still need to be proofed and formatted and is there to ensure we have all the required information to start the process. 


Once we have received your additional comments and details we can then draft a CV with your photo and all the information included. 


We then complete your pack and send all documents sets as per the package you have purchased. 

Your LinkedIn page is completed last as we want to ensure that we use information that has been checked by yourself and been proofed. All keywords will be loaded and your photos and artwork included. 



Consultions with Rob

(Platinum and Executive Package)




If you have purchased a consultation as part of a package or individual service you have two options. Either you can meet Rob upfront before the actual rewrite process starts, which Rob suggests if your CV is complicated or requires alignment with a career strategy or at the end of the process where you require advice on specific topics or the creation of an employability strategy.


Please contact Rob to discuss these options when initiating the process. 

You can select the topics that you would like to discuss with Rob from the webpage COACHING TOPICS. 



The CVforLife delivery Time Frame and our rewrite methodology


It is important to note that we are not a CV writing mill. Our goal is to get your CV "recruitment ready" and we treated your marketing material as part of your bespoke personal branding product.


Our preferred timeframe is two weeks. 


The information that you have supplied in your CV will form the basis of a new CV. We do not change the content of your role we rather focus on deleting unnecessary information and adding missing information or crucial information. The main focus, however, is your achievements and projects. We also focus heavily on the format of the CV your ensuring that the right information is in the right place in the document. 


This timeframe is completely dependant on your feedback and response to the additional information we require and your availability regards photos. 


Our focus with your rewrite is on ensuring that the right information is included in a professional format that will get you the job. 


We do not change technical jargon on your CV or make unnecessary changes to the information that is relevant to your specific industry. 

We focus on providing the reader with factual information that will get you the interview. 


We also do not use overly creative wording as we feel that your CV should not be a creative essay but rather speak to the reader in a clear and professional manner. 




Your Operations Assistant and contact person is Symone and she can be reached on +27 100 206921 or