One-on-One Career Coaching Sessions


Rob offers his clients a one-on-one consultation as part of his top packages or as a stand-alone session. The structure of these consultation sessions are designed to focus on specific issues where individuals require assistance and cover a wide scope within the employability spectrum.

The major content of the session will depend on your own specific requirements inclusive of Rob’s professional suggestions.


There are a myriad of topics that Rob can discuss with you during this session. You are welcome to list any other specific topics you wish to bring to Rob’s attention.


Consultation session topics

  • Creating and managing your CVforLife strategy

  • Managing your Personal Brand


The employment and recruitment process explained  

  • Recruitment and employment timeframes explained

  • Understanding and managing the recruitment process


How companies source their staff explained

  • LinkedIn

  • Job portals 

  • Company websites 

  • Recruiters 


The stakeholders in the recruitment process

  • HR Managers’ vs HR Apprentices 

  • Recruiters vs Headhunters 

  • CEO and Line Managers 


Interview tips and suggestions 

  • Interview preparation

  • Body Language 

  • The interview process 

  • Managing the interview process

  • Potential problems with your CV and how to overcome these issues

  • Interview participants

  • Selling yourself in the interview process

  • Panel interviews

  • Body Language



  • Researching on LinkedIn

  • Using the Job search function

  • Your LinkedIn Page strategy

  • Researching company corporate culture using LinkedIn 

  • Using keywords for searching and “loading” your profile  


Corporate culture

  • Identifying your corporate culture fit

  • Researching your potential employers’ corporate culture


Negotiating money

  • Move motivators vs salary expectations

  • Disclosure of your pay-slip

  • Your salary move expectation

  • Balancing your expectations


Job specification interpretation

  • Preparing your CV and cover letter in line with the detail on the Job specification (“loading”)

  • Identifying key attributes that the employer is looking for in your CV

  • Researching the background of the position


Other very important topics include:

  • Personalising your CV and cover page for specific positions

  • Psychometric assessments explained

  • References and referees explained

  • Credit default, criminal checks and other background checks

  • When to use a CV and resume

  • Cover pages

  • Interim management

  • The resignation process